Systems Integrator

As a leading provider of Software Solutions, Foresight is a partner of choice for the city of Bangalore, for many of the leading Security, Data Management and Infrastructure Management vendors of the world including

Foresight, in its relationship with customers and vendors alike, brings to the table- Technical depth, sincerity of purpose, and reliability. To the customers this has meant having in Foresight a partner that can be relied upon to deliver on its promises and which understands the Technology behind the solution on offer.

Customer Testimonial- “You guys have been amazing in terms of adding value for your software vendors and partners. We would not have been with the current vendors without your team’s support!” .

Similarly the vendors see in Foresight a partner that can understand its solutions and position them correctly, provide end to end customer handling that relieves them of the burden of being in too many places at the same time & execute refreshingly clean transactions.

As a result, Foresight has grown in stature and size year on year, adding new customers and products while continuing to strengthen its relationship with its existing customers! Are we really adding value for our customers, vendors and distributors alike, is a question that reverberates in the minds of every person in Foresight! The universal truth- that giving as much, if not more than what we receive, is the bedrock of every successful relationship- is well understood within Foresight.

As a customer told us recently :

“Foresight is a great company with a wonderful group of people and we all know that great people make great companies.”

Within Foresight we see ourselves as a very small company but big in its domain of operation! Today Foresight is blessed with a customer list that includes companies such as IGATE, UNILEVER, GMR, Symphony, HTMT, ITC Infotech, Quest, etc. Managed by a stable, core team that has been at the helm of operations for many years now,Foresight has built a transparent, and reliable operational model, that works well and makes Foresight a profitable and debt-free company. With all this, Foresight offers a friendly, stress-free work environment which encourages the team to take initiative and responsibility and learn to be a good engineer & a good human as well!