Foresight Automation Products Pvt Ltd

FAPL made its humble beginning in the year 1989 and has since, grown from strength to strength.

With post sales support as its single minded focus, FAPL has built a reputation and a customer list that is the envy of most of its competitors.

Today the customer list includes some of the best names from all industry segments- IT/ ITES, BPO, Manufacturing, Textiles, Healthcare, etc.

Team building:

From the beginning the management at Foresight has laid emphasis on mentoring leaders from within the company. This has resulted in a multi-tier organizational ladder having depth and experience in managing the company, specific to our domain.

Today when manpower turnover is the order of the day, Foresight sees very little of it and is able to expand into newer businesses by leveraging on the in-house team.

Financial stability:

Very aggressive business plans backed by conservative financial planning has made the Foresight group cash-rich and a debt-free group.

The internal accruals and the reserves fuel the fast paced growth maintained by the group of companies.

Business Integrity:

Having built a very professional team, some of whom have grown to become Directors of the company,Foresight also maintains very high standards of business ethics and transparency. This approach in itself has given the employees of the company moral strength and conviction that helps percolate it down to every new employee joining the organization.

In the final analysis a motto-

“Make promises that you can keep, Keep promises that you make” has helped us retain our customers, and grow with the reference of our happy customers.


Emerson (NYSE: EMR) – Revenues $24.4 billion (fiscal 2012)

Emerson is a diversified global manufacturing company that brings technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets through its Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial Residential Solutions businesses. Recognized widely for our engineering capabilities and management excellence, Emerson has approximately 135,000 employees and 235 manufacturing locations worldwide.


Uninterruptible Data Center Power: AC power uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Sustain critical operations that simply can’t go down. Emerson Network Power delivers a full range of Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU), from individual data center solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

If you are looking for AC-DC data center power supplies, visit our product offerings.

Rackmount UPS

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems with the reliability, features, and flexibility required by networks and electronics in rack environments.

Desktop and Workstation UPS

Off-line and line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and power strips ideal for PCs and sensitive electronic equipment.

Network UPS

True on-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices, and critical workstations.

Large Facility UPS

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup power systems for large data center design and for facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics.

Power Distribution and Conditioning

Scalable and flexible power management for effective data center management.

Rack PDU

These reliable and efficient data center power distribution units provide basic distribution, remote monitoring and control at the receptacle level in data center rack environments.

Battery Monitoring

Preventing battery failure is essential for delivering maximum data center availability. Liebert products incorporate Alber technology to extend battery life, reduce maintenance cost and increase safety.

UPS Monitoring

Uptime monitoring solutions deliver increased visibility and control of critical support systems for single modules, small data centers or all critical facilities in small to medium businesses.

Aisle Containment Systems

Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration separates hot and cold air streams to improve data center infrastructure efficiency. A physical barrier – containment – optimizes this configuration for better cooling operation and higher efficiency.

Indoor Racks and Accessories

Indoor server rack cabinets and accessories respond to an array of data center infrastructure needs, with specific solutions designed for data center optimization.

Rackmount UPS

Uninterruptible power systems contain the reliability, features, and flexibility required by networks and electronics in rack environments to advance data center efficiency.

High Density Modular Cooling

Intelligent cooling modules afford precise data center design, supporting an advanced thermal management infrastructure.

High Density Cooling Integrated Racks

Scalable data center racks manage varying levels of heat loads to support data center best practices.

Rack PDU

Reliable and efficient rack-based data center power distribution units provide basic distribution, remote monitoring and control at the receptacle level in data center rack environments.

Data Center Management: Racks and Integrated Cabinets

Optimize data center management and performance for IT systems and data centers. Emerson Network Power delivers data center racks, server rack cabinets, and enclosure solutions, from Knürr and Liebert. Data Center rack solutions support IT and networking equipment in computer rooms of all sizes, with rack enclosures that contain precision cooling, uninterruptible power, rack PDUs, and wiring management in a sturdy, lockable cabinet.

SMART SOLUTIONS: Achieve Advanced Modular Data Center Design

All data centers, regardless of size, have distinct operational and business objectives. Until now, balancing data center best practices for capacity, space utilization, availability and efficiency has been difficult without making sacrifices. That’s why Emerson Network Power developed the Smart Solutions family of data center infrastructure offerings.

Each Smart Solutions offering addresses data center management needs with rapidly deployable solutions that cost-effectively add data center capacity, improve IT control and increase efficiency–to balance the most common data center objectives.

These intelligent, integrated solutions contain the industry’s leading power, cooling and management systems to optimize data center efficiency in IT environments of all sizes.

DATA CENTRE COOLING: Cooling systems for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Emerson Network Power makes possible the efficient, reliable and cost effective management of heat in your mission critical facility through unparalleled expertise and the industry’s most advanced service, software, and equipment technology. Achieve industry leading efficiency levels (PUE < 1.1), availability approaching 100%, and up to 50% lower capital and operating costs.

High Density Modular Data Center Cooling

Energy-efficient and flexible high heat density Liebert XD and Liebert DCW cooling solutions are crucial tools in your heat management design. Liebert high density data center cooling solutions are available with open or closed architecture, and pumped refrigerant-based or water-based technology.

Economizer Thermal Management Solutions

Economizer thermal management solutions — including Liebert Air Economizer, GLYCOOL glycol-cooled economizer, and chiller plant economizer compatibility — can reduce data center heat management costs by up to 50%, without compromising system reliability.

Large Room Cooling

Efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions provide protection in raised floor or ducted applications. A variety of models and configurations are available.

Heat Rejection

System-matched condensers, drycoolers and condensing units for continuous, proper operation of data center heat removal systems.

Telecom Enclosures

Heat management system designed for year-round cooling of remote communications shelters.

Small Room Cooling

Space-saving precision system cooling available in configurations and sizes to meet the heat management needs of electronic equipment in tight spaces.

Air Handlers

Liebert Custom Air Handling Solutions provide advanced data center control and optimization, next generation components and equipment, and industry best service offerings.

Environmental Monitoring

Data center environmental monitoring solutions deliver increased visibility and control of critical support systems for single modules, entire data centers or all critical facilities in an enterprise data center.

FAPL also offers:

  • BATTERIES- Tubular SMF