Protecting Credentials and Data –Your Most Vulnerable Targets

STEALTHbits Technologies is a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s credentials and data.

By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, we reduce security risk, fulfil compliance requirements and decrease operations expense.

Identify threats. Secure data. Reduce risk.

Solution Overview

Adversaries leverage credentials to breach various layers of your security infrastructure and exfiltrate your data. Stealthbits secures your credentials and data through Data Access Governance, Change Access Monitoring, Threat Detection and Active Directory Security.

  • Data Access Governance-    Reduce data access and permissions
  • Change & Access Monitoring-   Monitor and enforce security
  • Threat Detection-  Detect abnormal credential and data usage behavior
  • Active Directory Security-  Simplify management and security

Product Overview

Every attacker is after two things: credentials and data. Organizations still have little visibility into Active Directory where most credentials are stored and unstructured data repositories where 80% of information is housed. In addition to this, limited visibility, they also lack controls to govern and secure credentials and data. This leads to tremendous risks, vulnerability and the increased likelihood of a data breach.

  • StealthAUDIT®: Management and Control of Access to Unstructured Data, Systems and Critical Applications.
  • StealthINTERCEPT®: Visibility and Enforcement of Credential and Data security policy
  • StealthDEFEND®: Purpose-Built UEBA for Credential and Data TheftStealth
  • StealthRECOVER®: Simplified Active Directory Administration and Security

Solution Spotlight: Data Access Governance

“I need to know who has access to data and how they’re using it.”

Protecting Credentials and Data –Your Most Vulnerable Targets

Complete Visibility and Control Over Unstructured Data
With built-in governance controls and remediation workflows, you can discover and classify your data to identify where your greatest risk exists –all in a single view. Helping your organization understand where data exists, who has access to it and how, who’s interacting with it, who owns it, and what’s sensitive, active or stale.

Solution Spotlight: Change & Access Monitoring

“I need to monitor and control changes and access in my environment.”

Monitor and Enforce Security Policy

Protecting Credentials and Data –Your Most Vulnerable Targets
Monitor and Prevent Access, Changes & Authentication, Detect Privileged Account Abuse and Misuse, and Directly Integrate with SIEM in Real-Time

Automate Compliance. Achieve Security.

With precise monitoring policies, reports and alerts, you’ll know about every change or access attempt the instance it happens –with more detail than any log can provide. With the ability to block these changes or access attempts, you can enforce compliance and security policy simultaneously.

Solution Spotlight: Threat Detection

“I need to know when adversaries are trying to access my data so I can stop them.”

Detect Abnormal Behavior and Suspicious Activities

Protecting Credentials and Data –Your Most Vulnerable Targets
Detect Authentication/File System Attacks (Lateral Movement, Ransomware, Golden Ticket), Reconnaissance Activity, Abnormal User Behavior, Critical Security Conditions and Configuration Issues

Detect and Hunt Down Threats

STEALTHbits allows you to detect and respond more quickly to both common and sophisticated attacks against your credentials and data. Real-time attack analytics help to detect serious threats like Ransomware and Lateral Movement, while continuous end-point scanning identifies tell-tale signs of breaches like suspicious PowerShell commands and software installations, as well as misconfigured security settings that attackers can exploit

Solution Spotlight: Active Directory Security

“I need to simplify Active Directory management and security.”

360°AD Security

STEALTHbits provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities to secure Active Directory in a single package. With the ability to collect any piece of data, monitor or prevent nearly any activity, rollback any change and detect virtually any attack against AD, organizations have every tool they need to manage and secure AD.


Reduce Security Risks

STEALTHbits enables organizations to reduce and manage data access, monitor and enforce security policy, and detect threats that pose risk to their most critical assets.

Fulfill Compliance Requirements

STEALTHbits reducesthe time, effort and cost associated with producing compliance artifacts and fulfilling requirements across dozens of standards worldwide.

Decrease Operations Expense

STEALTHbits’ ability to automate countless manual, time-consuming tasksenables organizations to reduce operating costs and boost efficiency.

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