“Policy-Driven Information Governance Solutions”-Manage Email & Attachments- Tools for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange

Typical Needs include the ability to:

  • Enforce Retention policies
  • Search Content and Archive information
  • Recover Storage Space and Reduce Hardware Costs
  • Protect Document Authenticity and Reduce Corporate Liabilities.

Osterman research reports during a typical year, a user will send and receive over 23,000 emails and generate a minimum 1.1 gigabytes of email storage. To make matters worse, 24% of these emails will contain attachments.

While electronic communications has become a necessary business practice, it has innate risks that could damage an organization. Failure to properly manage the messages and attachments in your email system can result in increased legal exposure, loss of corporate knowledge, over-consumption of email storage space and regulatory ramifications.Sherpa Software’s email storage management tools were designed to centrally manage, and perform attachment management; thus, protecting corporate assets, archiving business records, reducing administration time/expense and mitigating potential liabilities.

Enforce Retention Policies: On-going attachment management and retention of email is critical due to legal and regulatory requirements. However, proper retention practices are extremely difficult to implement if appropriate data retention tools are not employed. With Sherpa’s email storage management products, retention polices can be automatically enforced defining how long information is kept in the email system. Policies can be enforced by multiple criteria with flexible configuration options allowing you to apply policies to specific mail stores, Active Directory Groups and/or users with Mail Attender for Exchange orMail Attender for Lotus Notes.

Search Content and Archive Critical Information

Sherpa’s e-discovery and storage management tools can efficiently search email and attachment content by multiple criteria (keywords, dates, addresses, file types, etc.) to determine what needs preserved and in which archive location it should be stored. By centralizing data and having methods in place for archiving emails and attachments, organizations can have a record of all important business communications. Be prepared in the event of litigation and manage the lifecycle of specific data with Archive Attender for Exchange or Mail Attender for Lotus Notes.

Recover Storage Space and Reduce Hardware Costs

Increased email storage not only affects network performance, but it also increases backup and recovery time. By applying management and deletion policies to emails and attachments, server performance is increased and the potential for data loss is greatly reduced. With the help of Sherpa’s email storage management tools, you can delete old or unwanted emails/attachments (based on size, age, user, type, etc), single-instance duplicate attachments and compress/zip attachments with Archive Attender for Exchangeor Mail Attender for Lotus Notes.

Protect Document Authenticity and Reduce Corporate Liabilities

The email communications an organization’s employees compose, send or forward need to be in-line with corporate compliance policies. With our email management tools, you can enforce management policies that govern how email is used by end-users. Prohibit users from editing/deleting emails with specific content and prevent inappropriate emails from being delivered based on administrator-specified qualifications with Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes.

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