Intelligent print management


Pcounter is a flexible and highly scalable network server-based print management and accounting solution that provides a wide range of cost control and cost recovery capabilities. Waste and misuse is eliminated, resulting in dramatic cost savings across any type of organization. Pcounter gives

  • Separate pricing for color and duplex print jobs.
  • Enforces printing account balances/quotas for users. Users can check their balances via web browser or using Wbalance, a small Windows utility which runs in the system tray.
  • Keeps a log file of all print activity – for printers hosted on multiple servers the log can be kept in one central location for easy access.
  • The cost for each page is determined by the paper size used in the print job, allowing variable costs for printers which support multiple paper sizes. Print jobs requesting an invalid paper size can be discarded. Roll plotters can be accounted for based on image size.
  • Can generate various printing usage reports and print histories of users, printers, and client codes.
  • Rules based printing for load balancing based on maximum and minimum byte sizes, page counts, copy counts, and color content – print jobs can be deleted, moved to the end of the queue, or moved to another print queue.
  • Reject incorrect print job types such as Postscript on PCL printers.

Workstation Manager

WSManager allows the network administrator to push Pcounter to the workstation from the server, and track locally attached printers, such as a USB printer (A per workstation license fee applies).

Secure, controlled release of printing

Pcounter Station is an additional piece of software that runs on a dedicated Windows PC to provide controlled, secure release of print jobs. Print jobs are held instead of being printed immediately. After users send print jobs from other workstations, they can approach the Pcounter Station and select the jobs they wish to release to the printer. Pcounter Station runs locked-down so that users cannot exit.

For More details please visit: www.Pcounter.com

Pcounter Web Report (PWR)

software module which works together with the Pcounter server software. PWR displays Pcounter built-in reports in a single Web browser, offering various report models for enhanced statistics and analysis.

For More details please visit: www.pcounter.com