Why WebOrion™ Defacement Monitor?

Proactive 24×7 remote monitoring

Web attacks can happen anytime – in the daytime or at night. Our WM will proactively poll your webpage round the clock to give you greater assurance that your website’s integrity and reputation is intact in front of your customers and partners.

Early detection of any defacement or unauthorized changes

In the event of any web defacement or unauthorized changes (eg. malicious injection), our WM will alert you early via email and SMS. This allows you to activate your webpage recovery mechanism to preserve the reputation of your website.

Protection against Brand Damage

In this internet era, your webpage is an important online representation of your brand and reputation. Using our WM system, you will help to protect your organization against brand damage and reputation loss through early detection of any web defacements.


Our WM service has many advanced and patent pending features to provide the most powerful and granular options for dynamic websites. There is no software or hardware installation and all that is required is the URL of your website and the contact personnel.

Content Analytics Engine

The webpage is analyzed and base-lined for its contents including the HTML title, number of links, images, scripts, style sheets, etc. Subsequent checks will be compared with the baseline and the results fed into an advanced decision making algorithm to determine if the webpage has been modified.

Advanced Integrity Engine

After the content analysis, the various components of the webpage are then automatically put through a hashing and verification process. The results of the verification process are then fed into an advanced decision making algorithm to determine if the webpage has been modified.

Image Analytics Engine

Webpage is rendered into an image and base-lined. Subsequent rendering of the same webpage is then compared with the baseline for deviation. Our patent pending technology allows users to choose only selected regions instead of the entire webpage for detailed image analysis.

Agentless Solution

There is no need for installation of any software agent in your web server or hardware appliance in your network. Thus, our WM service can support websites that are hosted anywhere. All that is needed is for the website’s URL to be publicly accessible.

Intelligent Baselining

Our WM service will capture the initial baseline of your website. We use an intelligent baselining module that will automatically poll your URL multiple times to analyze the HTML content and to identify the static and dynamic parts of the URL.

Proactive alerts and notifications

Once a change has been detected, our WM will automatically and immediately send an email and/or SMS alerts to the required website contacts. The email will also contain information on the changes detected for easy troubleshooting and investigation.

WebOrion™ Restorer

Swift Restoration of Defaced Website

When an unwanted defacement event happens to your website, do you have an easy solution to restore it back to normal? Are you restoring the same security vulnerabilities back?

WebOrion™ Restorer allows you to swiftly restore your web presence using a Secure Replica while you work backend to investigate – all done in a straightforward and effortless way.

Key Features

  • Easy and automated restoration Restoration can be triggered automatically upon detection or through 1-click intervention.
  • Reduced reliance on platform and architecture Works on both Unix and Windows environments, as well as any type of CMS.
  • Intelligently creates Secure Replica A Secure Replica of the website is created on Day 1 that strips off security vulnerabilities, yet preserves most of the look and feel of the original website.

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