Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway (CSG)

Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway (CSG)
We are excited to announce the launch of Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway (CSG). CSG creates a great opportunity to solve the increased challenges customers face around user and data protection for cloud and web. Here are a few things we know:
There is a new normal for cloud security architecture
• More users, more apps, more unmanaged devices and data distributed across several SaaS and cloud Platforms
• We must promote “safe access to web content and cloud apps for every user, everywhere.”
• Customers need to gain complete visibility into cloud app usage and associated risk
Point products are dead, and current cloud security solutions are limiting
• Replace point product vendors and security appliances with a single SKU
• Leverage SWG+CASB+DLP in a single service that is easy to adopt
Location of people and data are not relevant
• Cloud-delivered security and work anywhere are the new normal
• Secure access everywhere’ and equality of protection are required
Data is the centerpiece of both risk and strategy
• Forcepoint is a proven leader in DLP
• Secure data access everywhere with risk-adaptive protection are key

Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway is a converged security product for user and data protection for cloud and web. CSG is a human-centric solution that provides the most advanced risk adaptive protection for remote work with simplified management, reporting and compliance, and reduced cost of ownership. Forcepoint CSG is a 100% cloud native integrated solution that eliminates the need for multiple point products.

1. One converged service integrated web security, CASB and DLP
2. Market-leading data protection capability
3. Risk-adaptive user scoring derived from human behavior
4. Unified endpoint with unmanaged device support
5. Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) powered by Ericom is available for purchase as an add-on to further protect networks, web browser and user internet activity from threats by providing secure browsing and endpoint protection
For more information go to the CSG landing page. In addition, Forcepoint will be conducting a series of Channel webinars hosted by our Product Marketing and Enablement teams to provide additional details. We encourage you to register for these sessions so that you can take advantage of this new offering.