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November 16, 2018 STEALTHbits Technologies
Looking for a Quest Alternative?
If you’ve been following STEALTHbits and our achievements in the Active Directory Management and Security space, you know we’ve been on a Quest to become your go-to Active Directory security solution provider and Quest Alternative. At STEALTHbits, we believe customers deserve the most innovative solutions and creative capabilities on the market, as well as a partner who will help you make informed decisions about the solutions you’re investing in.
Most importantly, we believe you should work with people who you can trust.
Once among the most trusted and prolific providers of enterprise management and security software, Quest Software was accused just this year of conducting a “predatory audit” against Nike. Quest ended up suing their customer of over 15 years, claiming Nike owed them $15.6 million for “pirated” products. According to these articles, Quest also refused maintenance services until the dispute was resolved.
But this isn’t the same pre-Dell acquisition Quest that most of us know. This Quest is a financial company in disguise.
Frankly, we think it’s a real shame Quest customers are spending their already limited time and resources dealing with threats from what is supposed to be their business partner, rather than addressing the very real threats they’re facing from attackers every day.
If you’re one of these customers, join the many organizations that have made the decision to transition to STEALTHbits, the Quest Alternative, for a far superior experience. Not only will you enjoy and appreciate the vast capabilities built into the industry’s most comprehensive credential and data security platform, but working with people that are as invested in your success as you are.
In the meantime, check out this Quest replacement success story for more information on another Nike-like debacle.
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