The STEALTHbits Cyber Kill Chain Attack Catalog

The STEALTHbits Cyber Kill Chain Attack Catalog

Attacks against Active Directory and Windows operating systems: well documented, but not always well communicated.

Well, we’re about to change that.

James Spader may not work for STEALTHbits (we wish he did), but over the last year or so we’ve been developing a little Blacklist of our own. A list of attacks broken down into simple descriptions and steps with guidance on how to prevent them. We like to call it the “STEALTHbits Cyber Kill Chain Attack Catalog.”

Not quite catchy enough for a TV show, but we think you and your prospects will like what you see. Check out the catalog at and read this blog post for more information!

P.S. Watch the recording of this week’s partner EU GDPR webinar here.